Running a Business Can Be HARD!

Running a business can be hard. Especially when money gets tight. Maybe you need to expand, get more inventory, or hire and train new employees, but there’s just no room in the books to make it work.


That’s where we come in. Candy Capital Corporation has a sweet-sounding name because we have some sweet offers for businesses like yours. We offer Merchant Cash Advances for a wide range of businesses, with no collateral required!

 Unlike traditional bank loans, Merchant Cash Advances don’t have high monthly payments. You pay it back via a fixed percentage of your debit and credit card transactions. That’s it! No bills, no late fees, nothing to stress over. So instead you can just focus on doing what you do best—making your business flourish.

 Signing up is easy, and you’ll usually have the money you need within days! Even if you’ve had some credit issues in the past, Candy Capital Corporation may still be able to help you out. Now that’s sweet!

 To show you how it all works, let’s look at Stephanie. She owns a restaurant that desperately needs to expand, because in the summer it’s always packed with a line out the door. Luckily, the space beside her restaurant just became available. Unluckily, it’s the off season and she just doesn’t have enough on-hand capital to get that space, remodel, get new furniture, hire new staff…the list goes on and on!

 She applies to Candy Capital Corporation for a Merchant Cash Advance to cover what she can’t afford. We look at her transaction history and determine how much of an advance she’d be able to comfortably recoup over time. In days, she’s got the money she needs to finish funding her expansion! Each time a customer uses a debit or credit card, a percentage of the sale goes to Candy Capital Corporation, and her advance is paid off in only months!

 See? It’s easy!

 So what are you waiting for? Go to Candy Capital Corporation today for offers SO SWEET YOU CAN’T RESIST!

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Keyword Research Strategies


Use the Most Relevant Keywords

Yesterday we discussed the precise targeting offered by keywords. But even if a keyword is valuable, it might not be valuable to your business. For example, if you are a dentist in Chicago, it is not worth the effort to try to rank for the word dentist. Why? 99% of the people searching for that phrase do not live near Chicago, and are irrelevant prospects. What you would want to rank for, if you were a Chicago dentist, would be things like

Understanding Searcher Intent

Even within a niche like dental work, there are more specific types of dentists people search for, like implant dentist and cosmetic dentist. If you offer these types of services you would want to rank for keywords like

  • Chicago implant dentist
  • cosmetic dentist in Chicago
  • etc.

Free Keyword Tools

There is a wide array of free keyword tools on the market. My favorite keyword tool is the SEO Book keyword tool – it is fast and free, powered by Wordtracker, and allows you to quickly export your keyword data.

SEO Book Keyword Tool.

Every keyword tool has some data errors or anomalies. Don’t expect the tools to give you exact numbers, just rough ranges. If you are in doubt as to the accuracy of one keyword tool you can compare it against other keyword tools. And you can use an AdWords ad campaign to test keywords – a topic we will discuss tomorrow.

Here are some additional cool keyword tools

  • Google’s AdWords Keyword Planner
    • is the most popular keyword tool
    • is backed by Google’s large search share
    • however, it can be flaky because…
      • Google doesn’t like to share the stats with precision, as their primary aim is to show PPC marketers ( Yelp gives you $300) the keywords & have them test their value. In fact, Google will show more data if you are logged into an AdWords account.
      • Google often changes the interface and features, pulling back data and making the results broader and less relevant over time.
      • It can take a good bit of effort to collect data on different match types (broad vs phrase vs exact).
      • When you use their keyword tool ensure that you have it set to your target country market & you are using exact match to view the search volume for that exact keyword.

If you need working Capital for your next marketing campaign apply for the working capital you deserve as a business owner even with 450 credit scores. Today traditional banks require excellent credit but don’t miss your shot to grow you business. Candy Capital Corporation can provide the working capital for your business within 24/48 hours.

See how other businesses are leveraging their business to get the working capital they need.


See how other businesses are leveraging their business to get the working capital they need. 


How to discover the value of a Google rank

Why is Google so Valuable?

Have you ever wondered why Google is worth over a hundred billion Dollars? Or why a single click from Google can go for as high as $50? The reason is the precise targeting offered by search engine marketing.


How Most Advertising is Broken

Most ads try to club you over the head and beat you into submission. Look how ugly the first online banner ad was


From there, things only got worse…

Banners which bounce around in a jarring fashion, banners which play audio, banners which try to get you to “punch the monkey” … anything for attention. ANYTHING.

It got so bad that people had competitions to see who could make the most annoying banner ad. (Don’t click this link if you have epilepsy!)

With the ads being so irrelevant and annoying, people have been trained to ignore banners, developing banner blindness. Marketers responded to low engagement by making banners even more annoying…

…thus creating a tragedy of the commons where online banner ads look like the following picture. They may as well be hidden behind a tree.

And, as if banners were not bad enough, online advertising continued to (d)evolve…

Given the above behavior, it should be no surprise then that AdBlock Plus is *the* most popular Firefox extension, with over 96,022,319 downloads. Even large ad agencies (like Ogilvey) advocate installing it! 🙂

Search is Different

Contrast all that annoying stuff with the relevant ads that earn Google over $50,000,000,000 a year!

Search engine marketing is a completely different form of advertising because rather than trying to distract & annoy users, searchers request to see results relevant to their interests.

  • Advertisers only bid to show up where they are relevant – when they are irrelevant. If they bid for irrelevant keywords they lose money on every click. It is a self-correcting ecosystem where relevancy is rewarded with further distribution.
  • If a search is non-commercial Google may not show any ads, or may only display them in a less prominent position. Their commitment to relevancy builds the user’s trust in the search results.

The user sees the ads and clicks them because they are relevant to their wants, needs, and goals.

Example Google AdWords Ad.

Consequently, the user focuses heavily right on the top of the search results, as shown in eye tracking studies.

The higher your website ranks the more relevant search traffic you get.

2 Approaches to Marketing

Ads on websites with no targeting can have little to no value. Search traffic, which is laser targeted, is worth over 30x as much. [1]

For display advertising, Credit Suisse estimated that in 2009 the average CPM will be $2.39, down from $2.46 in 2008.

As for paid search, JPMorgan projected that for every 1,000 searches, $75.33 would be generated from ads in 2009.

Would you rather hunt for customers, or make yourself available to customers hunting for you? SEO allows you to tap the value of search, with your customers finding your business when they need your products & services!

Research the Market Value of Any Keyword

The cool thing about search engine marketing is not only is it so targeted, but it benefits search engines to share valuable keywords with prospective advertisers. This means you get to spy on the relative search volumes of different keywords, and how much your competitors are willing to pay for keywords.

Disclaimer: In August of 2013, Google disabled the below referenced traffic estimator tool & keyword tool in favor of a new keyword planner tool which is both harder to use & has fewer features than the old tools. The old tool is still mentioned below for conceptually describing the process.

While Google has worked hard to add obfuscation to their ecosystem, Bing has pushed to offer advertisers and SEOs greater transparency with their search marketplace data.

There are plenty of other keyword research tools available though, including our free keyword tool & Bing Ad Intelligence (which plugs in to Excel). To use the excellent Bing Ad Intelligence plugin you need to have a Bing ads account. Here are some free coupons for setting up a Bing ads account

Using the Traffic Estimator fuction of the Google AdWords keyword tool you can view how much Google’s estimate the value of keyword. For example, here is the estimated value for credit card and credit cards

Notice how there are 3 different listings for each keyword. They are based on Google’s AdWords ad match types, and can be used to help you know the relative search volumes between different types of searches.

  1. [credit card] represents searchers who searched specifically for the keyword credit card with no other modifiers in it.
  2. “credit card” represents all searchers in the above group, and searchers who searched for a keyword that contained credit card in it, including people who search for keywords like best credit card.
  3. credit card represents all searchers in the above group, and searchers who searched for any keyword that contained the words credit and card somewhere in their search string, including people who search for obscure keywords like payment card without any credit.

Enter some of your keywords here and see what Google thinks they are worth. Please note these values are rough estimates, but they are a good starting point.

  1. list down 5 important keywords to your business
  2. enter in all 3 match types for your keyword
  3. pick your language & markets
  4. do not enter a bid price (this way Google assumes you are willing to pay the market rate)
  5. hit enter & get your results

The above tool estimates the value of traffic to a single paid Google AdWords ad, but most searchers click on the free search results, so the keyword value to your business may even be higher than estimated by the above tool.

Over time Google has put more of their features behind a login to try to block scrapers. The above tool is free to use, but you might have to spend $5 creating an AdWords account & login to that account to be able to see all the features like click price. While you are setting up an AdWords account, you can make that $5 deposit go further by getting a free $75 AdWords coupon here 

Need Capital for Marketing your Business?

Operating Cash Cycles Time Line


Cash cycle

Operating Cycle

Operating cycle is the number of days a company takes in realizing its inventories in cash. It equals the time taken in selling inventories plus the time taken in recovering cash from trade receivables. It is called operating cycle because this process of producing/purchasing inventories, selling them, recovering cash from customers, using that cash to purchase/produce inventories and so on is repeated as long as the company is in operations.

Operating cycle is a measure of the operating efficiency and working capital management of a company. A short operating cycle is good as it tells that the company’s cash is tied up for a shorter period.

Another useful measure used to assess the operating efficiency of a company is the cash cycle (also called the cash conversion cycle).


Operating Cycle = Days’ Sales of Inventory + Days Sales Outstanding

Days sales of inventory equals the average number of days in which a company sells its inventory. Days sales outstanding on the other hand, is the period in which receivables are realized in cash.

An alternate expanded formula for operating income is as follows:

Operating Cycle = 365 × Average Inventories + 365 × Average Accounts Receivable
Purchases Credit Sales


Walmart Stores Inc. (NYSE: WMT) is all about inventories. Find its operating cycle assuming all sales are (a) cash sales and (b) credit sales. You can use cost of revenue as approximate figure for purchases (i.e. no need to adjust it for changes in inventories).

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Need Operating Cash?

Consolidated balance sheet, Warren Buffet (1961)


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Berkshire Hathaway Inc.
Valley Falls Company
Traded as
ISIN US0846707026
Industry Conglomerate
Founded 1839; 179 years ago
Cumberland, Rhode Island, U.S.
Founder Oliver Chace
Headquarters Kiewit Plaza, Omaha, Nebraska, U.S.
Area served
Key people
Warren E. Buffett
(Chairman & CEO)
Charles T. Munger
(Vice Chairman)
Ajit Jain
(Vice Chairman of insurance business operations)
Greg Abel
(Vice Chairman of non-insurance business operations & Chairman and CEO of Berkshire Hathaway Energy)
Marc D. Hamburg
(Senior VP & CFO)
Products Diversified investments, Property & casualty insurance, Utilities, Restaurants, Food processing, Aerospace, Toys, Media, Automotive, Sporting goods, Consumer products, Internet, Real estate
Revenue Increase $242,137 million (2017)
Increase $44,940 million (2017)
Total assets Increase $711,932 million (2018)
Total equity Increase $348,296 million (2017)
Owner Warren Buffett (30.71% of the aggregate voting power and 16.45% of the economic interest)[1]
Number of employees
~377,000 (2017)
Subsidiaries List of subsidiaries
Footnotes / references

Berkshire Hathaway Inc. is an American multinational conglomerate holding company headquartered in Omaha, Nebraska, United States. The company wholly owns GEICO, Dairy Queen, BNSF Railway, Lubrizol, Fruit of the Loom, Helzberg Diamonds, Long & Foster, FlightSafety International, Pampered Chef, and NetJets, and also owns 38.6% of Pilot Flying J;[3] 26.7% of the Kraft Heinz Company, and significant minority holdings in American Express (17.6%), Wells Fargo (9.9%), The Coca-Cola Company (9.4%), Bank of America (6.8%), and Apple (5.22%).[4] Since 2016, the company has acquired large holdings in the major US airline carriers, and is currently the largest shareholder in United Airlines and Delta Air Lines, and a top three shareholder in Southwest Airlines and American Airlines. Berkshire Hathaway has averaged an annual growth in book value of 19.0% to its shareholders since 1965 (compared to 9.7% from the S&P 500 with dividends included for the same period), while employing large amounts of capital, and minimal debt.[5]

The company is known for its control and leadership by Warren Buffett, who serves as chairman and chief executive, and Charlie Munger, the company’s vice chairman. In the early part of his career at Berkshire, Buffett focused on long-term investments in publicly traded companies, but more recently he has more frequently bought whole companies. Berkshire now owns a diverse range of businesses including confectionery, retail, railroads, home furnishings, encyclopedias, manufacturers of vacuum cleaners, jewelry sales, newspaper publishing, manufacture and distribution of uniforms, and several regional electric and gas utilities.

According to the Forbes Global 2000 list and formula, Berkshire Hathaway is the third largest public company in the world, the ninth largest conglomerate by revenue and the largest financial services company by revenue in the world.[6][7][8]

Berkshire is currently the seventh largest company in the S&P 500 Index by market capitalization, and is famous for having the most expensive share price in history with a Class A share costing around $300,000 each. This is due to the fact that there has never been a stock split[9] and Buffett has stated in a 1984 letter to shareholders that he does not intend to do so.[10]


Understanding Cycles of Operating a Business.

What is Business Operations?

Everything that happens within a company to keep it running and earning money is referred to collectively as business operations. Business plans often include a section dedicated to operations so that company founders understand the systems, equipment, people, and processes need to make the organization function.

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