Keyword Research Strategies


Use the Most Relevant Keywords

Yesterday we discussed the precise targeting offered by keywords. But even if a keyword is valuable, it might not be valuable to your business. For example, if you are a dentist in Chicago, it is not worth the effort to try to rank for the word dentist. Why? 99% of the people searching for that phrase do not live near Chicago, and are irrelevant prospects. What you would want to rank for, if you were a Chicago dentist, would be things like

Understanding Searcher Intent

Even within a niche like dental work, there are more specific types of dentists people search for, like implant dentist and cosmetic dentist. If you offer these types of services you would want to rank for keywords like

  • Chicago implant dentist
  • cosmetic dentist in Chicago
  • etc.

Free Keyword Tools

There is a wide array of free keyword tools on the market. My favorite keyword tool is the SEO Book keyword tool – it is fast and free, powered by Wordtracker, and allows you to quickly export your keyword data.

SEO Book Keyword Tool.

Every keyword tool has some data errors or anomalies. Don’t expect the tools to give you exact numbers, just rough ranges. If you are in doubt as to the accuracy of one keyword tool you can compare it against other keyword tools. And you can use an AdWords ad campaign to test keywords – a topic we will discuss tomorrow.

Here are some additional cool keyword tools

  • Google’s AdWords Keyword Planner
    • is the most popular keyword tool
    • is backed by Google’s large search share
    • however, it can be flaky because…
      • Google doesn’t like to share the stats with precision, as their primary aim is to show PPC marketers ( Yelp gives you $300) the keywords & have them test their value. In fact, Google will show more data if you are logged into an AdWords account.
      • Google often changes the interface and features, pulling back data and making the results broader and less relevant over time.
      • It can take a good bit of effort to collect data on different match types (broad vs phrase vs exact).
      • When you use their keyword tool ensure that you have it set to your target country market & you are using exact match to view the search volume for that exact keyword.

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